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Children in Indoor Playground


 From Our Community


J. Chris Zukin

General Manager
Meadow Outdoor Advertisin

“This is one of those causes that just makes sense. A one stop location for all the help these children need”

“It just makes sense. To have a place where abused kids can feel safe , protected , loved and helped”

Mike Oates

​(Hood River County community member and farmer) Former Hood River Commissioner
“The SafeSpace Capital Campaign is designed to provide a permanent Columbia Gorge - Child Advocacy Center for the five-county Columbia Gorge region.  We desperately need this facility so that we are able to begin the healing process for abused and/or neglected children in our communities.  I strongly support this campaign.”

Carol Macines

Mayor of Fossil, Oregon
“SafeSpace provides delicate and professional services to the children of Wheeler County”

Carol Macines

Mayor of Fossil, Oregon
“. . we are fortunate to partner with Safespace. This resource is not available in rural Wheeler County.  Having access provides an invaluable service here”

Lane Magill

Wasco County Sheriff
“SafeSpace provides delicate and professional services to the children of Wheeler County”

Lane Magill

Wasco County Sheriff

“As the Wasco County Sheriff I support SafeSpace because it plays an important part of how we investigate crimes against children.  SafeSpace provides high quality forensic interviewers who understand the importance of gathering evidence for these criminal cases”

Anne Carloss

Executive Director of Student Services
Hood River County School District
"Everyone has a story. Safe Space CAC listens to those stories and advocates for the children and families who are affected by child abuse. Please contribute and help us continue to listen in a safe, welcoming, and compassionate environment."

Tanner Hall

Gorge Realty Group Windermere Real Estate Columbia River Gorge
“I support Safe Space because it is a well organized and crucial service in our community. It is sad to think that we need these kinds of services, but Safe Space does an amazing job ensuring that the kiddos' health and wellness comes first”

Scott Williams 

Chief Deputy for Wasco County Sheriff’s Department

"SafeSpace is critical to supporting the most vulnerable of our communities, getting them medical exams and giving them a voice when they have been abused, neglected or are a witness to a crime or a violent act.  I support all their efforts to help children, families and law enforcement tell their story and help their healing"

Anna Williams MSW

Executive Director, Oregon System of Care Advisory Council
 “SafeSpace matters to our region because every child in Oregon deserves access to high quality care, no matter where they live. If SafeSpace weren't here, children who are suspected victims of abuse would have to travel to Portland for specialized services or use the emergency room, which often does not have pediatric specialists available. SafeSpace is a critical aspect of safety in our region - working with survivors of abuse to gather the evidence necessary to convict child abusers and providing trauma-informed care to help these children heal from their abuse”

Carmen Myers

AVP, Branch Manager
Columbia Bank, The Dalles OR
“When I was first approached by one of my fellow co-workers (Craig Ortega) about SafeSpace, I was intrigued.  Shortly after I met with Beatrice, I was invited to take a tour of their current office space in Hood River and their new building.  During that meeting, I recalled that I had briefly met her and heard about SafeSpace during a presentation for the United Way Grant program. Their mission stood out to me, because of what they stand for; children.  Children are a precious gift! A program like SafeSpace that goes above and beyond to protect a child who has experienced  trauma from experiencing additional trauma, is a program that I can get behind and support.”

Carmen Myers

AVP, Branch Manager
Columbia Bank, The Dalles OR
“ Learning that over 60% of the cases SafeSpace takes on are from Wasco County was concerning to me. While it is wonderful that Beatriz and her team have worked out the logistics to handle the cases here in Wasco County in addition to the other outlying counties they serve and have all the key players involved to make this outreach effective and efficient, it would be reasonable to establish a “home office” here in Wasco County. What SafeSpace does for children is outstanding and proves that it is a needed service in our area.”

Jeff Helfrich

“As a former law enforcement officer, I’ve experienced the horrors of being the first person to show up to a scene of child abuse. I’m grateful for SafeSpace and the work to do to support our community’s most vulnerable children. The physical and emotional support they provide is invaluable.” 

Travis and Lyndsey Duddles

Owners of Gorge Fly Shop

“We know that the community does not know what you guys do, and getting the community informed about the invaluable services you offer to children, will allow those in need to access them. Supporting something that gives a voice to children of all ages gives something for them to hold onto, how to move through that process of healing is priceless!

We have found that Child Abuse is just something people need to know about, because if we are not willing to talk about it, It is really going to affect or kids” 


Jeff Dellis

I support Safespace because when I imagine what kind of trauma these victimized children must experience, I recognize what a positive impact Safespace is for both them and our community.

Leslie Naramore

Executive Director
Washington Gorge Action Programs
“I support SafeSpace because every kid deserves the chance to just be a kid and to feel safe in their community. SafeSpace provides the first step for kids to start their journey back to safety”

Glen R. Patrizio

MD Medical Director &
Designated Medical Provider
SafeSpace Children's Advocacy Center of the Gorge

“We are the voice for the voiceless and the hope for the hopeless.  The step off point for the children on the path to healing by validating their experiences and normalizing their feelings.  Helping them reclaim their lives”


Leslie Naramore

Executive Director
Washington Gorge Action Program
“SafeSpace matters to me in our region because if we didn’t have it here locally, families would have to travel for hours after a traumatic event, furthering their trauma”
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