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Beatriz Lynch

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Beatriz is responsible for ensuring SafeSpace fulfills its mission to reduce trauma to child victims of abuse through multidisciplinary evaluation and advocacy in a safe and healing environment. With a BS in Social Work, Beatriz brings more than 20 years of working with children in various capacities. 

She is passionate about the work SafeSpace does in the Gorge Community, and committed to providing the highest quality services to every child who comes to SafeSpace. 

Beatriz gets really excited when the team is able to bring CAC services to new communities. She feels rewarded when a child leaves SafeSpace relieved they finally were able to tell their story, and someone was there to listen. She really likes the fact that SafeSpace has such a wonderful team to work with and great community partners that come together to help a child that has been abused. 

When Beatriz isn’t advocating on behalf of kids, you’ll find her doing calming activities like knitting and reading, or active out on the water SUPing or kayaking. Her side passion is raising Scottish Highland miniature cattle!


Dr. Henson, MD

Medical Provider

Dr. Robin provides medical exams, consulting, participation in MDT, and peer review of cases. 

As an OB/Gyn, Dr. Robin ran a clinic in the community, participates in the clinical advisory panel for the Medicaid community, helps develop and promote programs that benefit the community at large, and volunteers on medical missions to Guatemala and Haiti.


She enjoys learning new things, working with other members of the community who are committed to taking care of all people, and making a difference in people’s lives.

In her free time, Dr. Robin enjoys hiking, biking, water sports, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.


Dr. Patrizio, MD

Medical Provider

Dr. Patrizio performs physical assessment exams to evaluate for evidence of abuse and holds specialties in Hospice & Palliative Care, Family Medicine, and Psychology.


Dr. Patrizio started performing mental health care, working with abused children and adolescents. Being exceptionally skilled at putting patients at ease, child abuse victims and their families feel comfortable discussing difficult health issues with him. 


Dr. Patrizio is also passionate about connecting with patients and families regarding end of life issues as well as teaching and mentoring providers in end of life care. He has built palliative care programs and was voted Hospice Medical Director of the Year. 


On a day off, Dr. Patrizio can be seen savoring a quiet morning. He also relishes a good snow day and going on adventures. His favorite ways of feeding his adventurous spirit while in the outdoors would be skiing, biking, climbing, or hiking.

Lynne Frost.jpg


Medical Provider

Dr. Frost is a designated medical provider performing medical exams to evaluate children for evidence of physical and sexual abuse. She is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner with her doctorate in nursing, with over 30 years of pediatric experience. She is passionate about advancing healthcare to children, with an affinity working with underserved populations.


Dr. Frost has lived in the Columbia Gorge with her family for nearly 20 years. She appreciates partnering with community agencies to advance care to children in a collaborative manner. A professional accomplishment she is most proud of is the development of the school-based health center located on the HRVHS campus.


On a day off, you can find Lynne off in the woods biking or hiking with her husband and two labradors. You can also find her in the kitchen where she loves to cook and bake for others or out in the garden growing vegetables. 



Forensic Interviewer

Criminal justice and children are two things Brenda enjoys immensely, and child forensic interviewing is where the two meet. As a SafeSpace Forensic Interviewer, Brenda finds meaning and pride in her contribution to helping child victims.

She's excited by the advancement of technology in the criminal justice field and how it can be applied at SafeSpace.


Brenda has worked in the administrative area of criminal justice, talking with children since 1999 (eleven+ years in Parole and probation and 10+ years at the Sheriff's Office). To say that Brenda is friendly and approachable is an understatement. She is also steadfast and willing to help wherever needed, bringing her supreme customer service skills, and great flexibility to SafeSpace.


In her personal time, Brenda likes to sew, take walks, and prizes her time with her children and grandchildren. In all areas of her life, children bring so much joy!



Child and Family Advocate

Not only does Mayra take care of the billing, paperwork, and navigate the insurance contracts for SafeSpace, she also works with children and families to assist them through the process.

Mayra has worked in social service programs for ten years. Her comfort level is strong while working with families, community partners, as well as providing referrals and assistance. Dedicated and a good listener, Mayra has a high level of trust and dependability among clients and staff alike. 

Mayra's passions include making a difference for victims of crime, and having the opportunity to work with other community partners to co-advocate. She's dedicated to working with victims of all backgrounds, and the positive impacts on others from social service work are a big driver for her. 

Mayra's interests outside of work are being able to do things with her family like hiking, traveling, family dinners, family movies, etc. Her other hobbies are crafting and decorating. Making pretty things is one thing Mayra appreciates getting into during her downtime. She loves the sunshine most of all while savoring the outdoors.

Yoanna Ortiz.jpg


Finance Director

more to come...



Development Director

As SafeSpace's Development Director, Kelly is responsible for raising money for our organization's needs. She's also taken on the role of managing our social media and outreach efforts. 

Kelly worked in marketing, advertising and sales, before founding Bite Me! Cookie company, with her sister, Casey.

You'll find Kelly outside in her garden, or hiking with family and friends when she's not at SafeSpace CAC.



Prevention Coordinator

As the Prevention Coordinator for SafeSpace Amanda is dedicated to providing child abuse prevention trainings to all youth serving adults, as well as partnering with local schools in the five counties that we service with child abuse curriculum and presentations to help meet Erin's Law requirements. She is passionate about education and helping each individual become more fully aware on how to keep kids safe.

Amanda has a history of working with non-profit organizations and is passionate about reaching the marginalized and providing love and care to those in need. She has always had a heart for working with children and partnering with nonprofits locally and abroad.  ​

Amanda enjoys photography, painting and gardening in her free time. Amanda is a wife, mother of four boys, and Oma to her sweet grandchildren. When not providing prevention education for our community, you can find Amanda enjoying priceless moments with her family. 

Viviana Ortiz.jpg


Administrative Assistant

Viviana has experience working with the community: having served in the medical field for 9 years as a CNA for different companies around the Gorge including Providence Hood River Hospital. She prides herself in helping others and working with families of all backgrounds. She brings a positive attitude, strong work ethic and strives to provide children and their families with the help they need in a compassionate, honest, respectful and accepting  way. She believes children should be the top priority and feels SafeSpace is here to do just that.


In her free time you will always find Viviana enjoying a good book, drawing, crafting, and/or spending quality time with her daughter. 

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